Marketing Massage Services

There are many massage promotion ideas. And there are numerous reasons to advertise with a listing on this Erotic Massage Directory. If you provide private massage, sensual massage or erotic massage, you probably would like new clients in your area. Targeted massage advertisement can bring these clients to you. Additional clients and new business will result in more income. Marketing is the strategy to reach this objective.

Focused, effective massage promotion ideas

This Erotic & Sensual Massage Directory does one thing, and one thing only: We market massage therapists in South Africa. Because we are focused, we do this rather well.

You choose your pictures

We do not have a staff photographer which takes cookie cutter pictures. You know yourself best. You know the image you want to portray. We believe that you should portray and market yourself the way you see fit.

If you would like to have a professional take extravagant pictures, we are happy to support you, and show these pictures in your profile.

No Freebies

We have seen other sites that make a free massage a part of the listing deal. We find that very unprofessional. With us, the marketing is simpler and more straight forward. You pay for 30 days of advertising and your profile goes up immediately. If you fail to extend, your profile is taken down. You can change your mind any time.

Contract Terms

You prepay for a month of advertising. You can cancel any time thereafter.


We appreciate that you consider listing yourself because you want to earn more money. We are here to support you!

Our listings are not free advertising for massage therapists, but they are great value for the money.

Individual Masseuse Listing

A listing is R250 per month

Massage Studio (Business) Listing

A listing is R300 per month


Submit the photos of your choice. Present yourself the way you desire - not the way some dodgy website photographer would like.

No Free Massage

When we saw the requirement for a free massage on other platforms, we knew it was time for a change. This requirement is a seedy as they come. You should be able to choose who you give a massage to. You should also be able to advertise without such a requirement.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team has an IT background. We made a lot of effort to create a beautiful website. We continuously make even more effort for your listing to be found in an easy and efficient manner.


UX, the user interface, is an important aspect for potential clients to find your profile.


Please see our partners page.

Make money

If you want to make more money, contact us to discuss massage advertisement.