I am Aurora. 

On first glance you may consider me to be an innocent little nymph. 

A delicate, angelic visage of uncharted territory.

I am a valued prize due to the elusive quality I possess. 

The most sought after qualities of female kind are those which define me.

Many have noted my Oriental features, with wide almond shaped eyes, and pearly white skin. You’ll agree,I am exotic to the last degree.

I know you’ve been searching for someone like me.

 I’m the human version of a Chinese Ming Vase.


Hello Darling!

I am the natural beauty Reina.

My best qualities include:

Attention to detail.

A soft and kind nature.

My finely tuned talent to detox the mind & body.

I have the best healing hands in Cape Town!

And last but not least,I am devoted to my craft.
This means I am always updating and researching how to better my practice. 

Practice makes perfect.And you deserve nothing less.

I have always had a passion for work that provides therapeutic benefits to my individuals.